Earthquake in Ecuador

Dear Friends: I’m trying to get this blog out today, first of all to say that while we certainly felt the 7.8 earthquake last night, we are far from the epicenter and we didn’t know of the deaths and damage to the coastal areas until this morning. Thanks to those who quickly wrote to ask if we are OK. I grabbed this image off the web to give an idea where we were are in relation to the center in Muisne. From Guayaquil, we are about 200 km. east, up in the Anearthquake 2des. Michael and I felt many tremors during our years in Costa Rica and last night we immediately recognized what was happening. About 40 seconds of gentle swaying, with power flickering and light fixtures swaying. Our house is built of barraque – adobe mud around a wooden frame – for just this reason.  It is built to “sway” with the earth’s movement instead of coming down, as can happen with adobe block structures. (Our area of Cañar is affected by minute movements, usually unfelt but obvious in the eroded countryside around us.)

In fact, in other Andean countries such as Chile and Argentina, adobe block construction is no longer allowed because so many die in these buildings in strong earthquakes. Now, of course, most buildings are made of poured concerete or concrete block and this was typical damage last night. (image from NYT)building damage2

building damage1

From quick reading on BBC:  (Ecuador) sits on the so-called “Ring of Fire” – the arc of high seismic activity that extends right around the Pacific basin. At its location, Ecuador fronts the boundary between the Nazca and South American tectonic plates. …The Nazca plate, which makes up the Pacific Ocean floor in this region, is being pulled down (subducted) and under the South American coast. It is a process that has helped build the Andes and Ecuador’s many volcanoes, including the mighty Chimborazo.”

Thanks again for all those who wrote with concern. Now I’ll continue working on my  blog for next week: “The Price of Oil, A Walk, and Another Baptism (later today).

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9 thoughts on “Earthquake in Ecuador

  1. Relieved to hear that you and Michael and your home are fine.
    Heartbroken for the lives lost…

  2. Hi Judy…so glee to hear you and Michael are fine! I appreciate your quick blog.

  3. Thought of you both when I heard of the earthquake and was hoping you could let us know- thanks! So glad you are ok and sad for those near the epicenter.

  4. Judy & Micahel, Happy you and your house can sway and shake with the earthquake gods. Glad to hear you’re okay.

  5. What a big one! I was surprised to hear that buildings collapsed in Guayaquil as well. Any area of that city we’d know about from visiting? Glad (and glee!) you are safe and sound. Look forward to your next blog. xo abrazos. Nancy

  6. Have been concerned about you – glad all is well where you are. Stay safe.

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