Goodbye to 2023, Hello to 2024

Dear Friends: 

As we say goodbye to 2023 I want to thank every one of you who generously contributed to the scholarship fund this year. If you haven’t had a chance, this will take you to my letter with a “donate” button at the end: Cañari Women’s Education Foundation.

As you can see from the photo above, we are still in Portland. But the good news is that Michael is recovering, and the doctors say he can live again at 10,000 in the Andes. But not yet…  After two weeks in the hospital in October, we had to wait until December for a CT scan, “with contrast” – (e.g. a dye injection) to get the news that his lung was clear, with no sign of infection or other intruder, such as a tumor. Turns out it was a bacterial infection of the pleural lining gone wild (“with complications” was the actual medical term). Perhaps I share too much, but in keeping with my practice of documenting our lives, here is “the man and the machine” on a pretty momentous day. They allowed me a glimpse of the CT scan room but I wasn’t permitted to stay for the action.

One upside of our changed plans is that Paiwa, a 2021 graduate of our scholarship program, does not have to spend her first holidays in the U.S. alone. Newly enrolled in the master’s program at the University of Illinois, she’s here in Portland, where she says the winter weather is just like Cañar – perpetually chilly – but better than Chicago! Another upside is realizing what a great emissary she is of our program, as she meets friends, family, acquaintances – and dogs – visits the Gorge, and shops at Goodwill.

In other news, I’m planning a short trip to Cañar with a friend at the end of February to take care of details of our Cañar house, meet with the scholarship women, introduce students from Lewis & Clark College to the Cañari culture (in a short three days), and launch a book project that is close to my heart. 

I plan to write a longer blog in January but, for now, I’m sending affectionate end-of-year greetings from wintery Portland, where the ducks don’t mind the rain.

May 2024 be a good year for us all.   Judy

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21 thoughts on “Goodbye to 2023, Hello to 2024

  1. God bedring to Michael from the Oslo gang. This festive season we are having snow the way you are having rain, but it is easier to shovel rain! Great to see Paiwa in your Portland lives too. She has been part of the newsletter since the beginning, I think.

  2. Overjoyed to have you in the US this Christmas, but know you’ll be missing that 11,000 ft air in Canar – happy Michael will be able to go again! Happy 2024! xoxo

  3. Happy New Year to you and Michael. Be well and look forward to your next update. Congratulations to Paiwa.

  4. Happy New Year to you and Michael. Be well and look forward to your next update. Congratulations to Paiwa. Cheers, Poppy

  5. Loved your hand sketch of the MRI ! Glad to hear Michael is on the mends!
    Happy New Year to you both. Looking forward to your next Chronicle!
    Karen and Eric

  6. Glad to hear the good news for Michael. Good sketch! Thanks for the update and look forward to the next report! Happy New Year. Susan Gustavson

  7. Thank you for the update! All the very best to Michael!
    Wishing you both a happy and health New Year! Stay warm, stay healthy!!

  8. Hello from Cuenca. Glad to hear that both of you will be able to come back Cañar. Do count on us for a room…maybe two?

  9. Me alegra mucho que Michael ya esté en casa con Paiwa. Puedo imaginar lo lento del tiempo en estos meses pasados y la alegría de la visita de Paiwa. Les mando un abrazo fuerte y espero que el 2024 nos permita encontrarnos!

  10. Hi Judy
    Good to read your news and to know that Michael is on the mend. It is good that the doctor considers he can live in Canar again. Have a good trip there at end of February. Happy New Year to you both. Rosaleen

  11. Yes, really glad to hear that Michael is recovering, from an infection yet! We are also in rainy holiday season in Ontario, but feeling the warmth of family and friends together at the farm and at the lake.
    Best to you both.

  12. Sister Jude, Love your update, as usual. Happy to have a little more of you
    and Michael in the US this year…and of Paiwa too! Lucky that way. Michael will
    miss the visit to 11,000 feet but…next year!

  13. Happy New Year from Jon and Irene. Very happy to hear that Michael is recovering as well as he is. Hope to see you in 2024. Love you both.

  14. Happy New from Jon and Irene. Very happy to hear that Michael is recovering as well as he is. Hope to see you in 2024. Love you both.

  15. I’m so sorry to hear that Michael has had health challenges and happy to hear that he’s doing well. I look forward to hearing about your next book project (launch).
    Warm wishes – from Alisa (of Berkeley and Otavalo)

  16. So happy ñaño Michael is doing much better and we shall be able to enjoy his company and good kitchen here in the Andes. Looking forward to having you in Cuenca, in our new apt. Lots of love, Eduardo and Alex

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