I’ve worked as a documentary photographer and writer for thirty-five years in Central America and Ecuador, first in medium-format black and white, then in 35mm color and b/w, and now in 35mm digital. I’ve recently (in 2020) dismantled my darkroom and sold my equipment, and now concentrate on the creation of a digital archive, Archivo Cultural de Cañar, in Cañar, Ecuador, representing photos,documents and videos of Cañar by anthropologists, early Peace Corps volunteers, a town photographer, and myself. Some of these collections are also at the University of Texas, Austin, Archive of Indigenous Languages of Latin America (AILLA). My physical collection of photographs, negatives, contact sheets and documents will eventually be held at the Nettie Lee Benson Latin American Collection at University of Texas, Austin.  

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3 thoughts on “photography

  1. Saludos JUDY…..

    Excelente el trabajo que Usted Viene realizando por Nuestra Cultura Kañari… Felecitandole y que siga adelante con sus proyectos muy Humanistas…

    Quisiera entrevistarme con Usted, … tengo algunos proyectos que quisiera plasmar en fabor de nuestra musica Kañari… Usted me podria ayudar muchisimo…



  2. HOla Williams: Con mucho gusto podamos platicar sobre sus proyectos. Estaré en Mexico por tres semanas, pero después del 23 de abril, estoy acá. Saludos, Judy

  3. Hi Judy

    Congratulations on your fantastic work and photographs of Cañar, it’s people and culture! I find them absolutely fascinating and would love to be able to work with women and artisans in those communities.

    I’m a fashion & textile designer based in Cuenca and have been working with local artisan communities and women cooperatives in rural areas of Ecuador developing products to export worldwide and my own projects exporting to the UK and various simliar ones as Vice President of CIDAP America. Currently I’m working with knitters on different collections and projects and would love to be able to collaborate and work with artisans in Cañar.

    I’ll be spending a few weeks in England but would love to meet you and have a chat with you on my return. Would you be about in April?

    Best Regards,


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