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Dear Friends:

Thanks for all the great comments on Michael’s banana cake story. I read them aloud to Mr. Luddite, which made him very happy.

On May 1 we are off to Spain for a month, and I will try to send a few blogs from there, using my iPad. We plan to start and end in San Sebastian, the Basque coastal city in the far north of Spain. With a rental car, we’ll travel slowly east and south, with no fixed itinerary, following guidebooks and the weather. We are really looking forward to a change of diet, so maybe I’ll practice my hand at some amateur food writing. Stay tuned!

May 3 Update: Well, we are here, but unless I can figure out how to upload photos onto the website using my iPad (ideas anyone?), I will have to take a break from my blog until June. The food in San Sebastian is wonderful, as reported, but it turns out I am not very good at remembering, or writing about, what we eat; it seems I can only record the visuals…



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7 thoughts on “Travel news

  1. I think there are no applications to do that, but at least you have an iPad and you can send the photos to us and tell a short story. So we can enjoy silmultanously and at the end, in June, you can compile all this short stories and create the big big one. I send my love to you both. Hope you can visit my dear friend Mariajosé.

  2. Would love to hear about your trip in whatever form works for you. We did the same trip last year and loved it. Enjoy!

  3. Buen viaje ! Tomen tantas fotos como puedan, y disfrutenlo. Muchos besos, Guido

  4. Wonderful. I know how you feel about food. I lived in the Basque country for 3 years, doing my BA in Liberal Arts, Universidad de Pamplona. S.Sebastián was a place where a went many times, it has now changed to the better. Love, alex

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