Addendum – Ecuador travel article in today’s New York Times

In Ecuador, the Frugal Traveler Tries Luxury

Cotopaxi volcano, south of Quito, Tony Cenicola

Cotopaxi volcano, south of Quito, Tony Cenicola

I forgot to mention in yesterday’s Chronicle that the New York Times’ frugal traveler, Seth Kugel, came to Ecuador a few weeks ago for his swan-song column, beginning by sleeping in a luxury hotel in old town Quito and ending in the tiny village of Quingeo, sleeping in a bed offered by a local woman. We don’t know Seth, although I’ve read him over the years and like his style of travel-with-unexpected-adventures (close our style of travel), but we do know the photographer the Times sent to cover his route: Tony Cenicola.  Three years ago, Tony shot the story of our house, ” Up in the Clouds: A Second Home in the Andes”  and spent several days with us.

We were happy to welcome him back to Cañar, as he followed Kugel’s route with a “shoot list,” and then to accompany him to Cuenca and Quingeo. We stopped for roasted chancho on the road to Azogues at Picanteria La Dolorosa (didn’t make the article)…P1110923506A2154 copy

…got to be regular tourists in Cuenca,

506A2200 copy…and visited this amazing little town we didn’t know existed: Quingeo, out in the middle of nowhere south of Cuenca. Tony roamed around and took photos, Michael sat on the plaza and had – what else? – a beer, and I drew one of the old houses.michael drinking beer

Quingeo 1For Kugel’s article, Tony’s beautiful photos, and maps, check out today’s NYT travel section (

10 thoughts on “Addendum – Ecuador travel article in today’s New York Times

  1. Thank you for keeping me informed via email and Chronicles. I hope to return to Ecuador soon and to visit Cañar.
    I love your comments and really enjoyed the New York Times article.
    I met you at a Christmas party over a year ago, which lead me to buy and read your books. I’ve traveled a lot, but have never lived in another country. I admire you greatly.
    Connie Whelan

  2. Wow, Judy, what a wonderful adventure. El realismo mágico es algo tan normal en nuestras tierras, ese chancho en media calle, el techo de plástico y el nombre de “picantería” me parecen increíbles” Lupe

    • Hi Lupe…Si, es la realidad (mágico o no) que estos chanchos a lado de PanAmericana están en oferta en todos partes del Ecuador. Pero en ese caso no hemos comida – fue temprano en la mañana.

  3. Wonderful post!! Would love to see that little town – great pics of
    you and Mike – Moi? In Phoenix awaiting flight back to Santa Fe and winter!!

  4. Hi Judy! Que gran aventura para ustedes… ¡ Y para nosotros ! Siempre disfruto leer sus andanzas. Un abrazo grande para vos y Michael, Guido

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