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  1. What a beautiful place! I love your gardens, especially the one in the atrium.
    The slides are lovely. . .although I am saddened thinking about those clueless geese and turkeys walking to market. Are they going to a funeral of a loved one . . . or a massacre?

  2. What a lovely article on your wonderful home and your lives in Canar. I feel privileged to have experienced your hospitality first hand. I’m glad the article took note of Michael’s truly amazing cooking; I only wish one of Judy’s wonderful portraits of Canari women had been included!

  3. Well Missy….I think you have more than 15 minutes of fame!!! This is a fabulous article and fab pictures as well. Enjoy the moment – it’s well deserved. Soon you’ll be back on the mainland with the hustle & bustle of Portland so savor those beautiful mountains. Thanks for sharing your wonderful experiences. Safe journey.

  4. Wonderful article and tremendous images! Since I have been following your life in Canar for so many years, I feel I ‘know’ everything that goes on there …
    Look forward to more stories.
    PS. I do not plan on going back to Portland this year. My plans will take me South and then to Europe, spending most of the time in Spain.

  5. Really nice piece, and good photos of you in your lovely habitat. How did it come about? Know someone in the NYT? I only wished it mentioned your scholarship program, but you can’t have everything. Thanks for sharing it.

  6. Queridos, ¡qué belleza de casa, de ambientes, de jardín interior! Ángela y yo hemos disfrutado mucho viendo este lugar. Gracias por compartirlo y qué éxito que les han hecho este artículo. Abrazos .

  7. Hi Grace: Hopefully we’ll meet another year in Portland. After our visit to Spain, I advise focusing on its southern regions this summer. You’ve read it’s predicted the coldest summer in 200 years? Brrrrr…

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